With 50 offices worldwide, Meltwater is a media intelligence company offering software services to help businesses make more informed decisions through analyzing online data.

Our project was under tight time pressure. They quickly pulled together a team and were sharing prototypes within a few days. There were extremely responsive to multiple project changes on both the design and implementation side and always had things ready by critical dates. I’d work with them again in a heartbeat.
— Andy Proehl, Director of User Experience Design, Meltwater

Meltwater had just released their newest product (appropriately called Meltwater), focused on solving marketing and business problems with the insights derived from billions of online conversations and docu-ments living outside company firewalls. The design team was starting to work on the next steps for the product and needed help building a functional demo that could be incorporated into their existing software platform and used to guide future development efforts.


The design team needed to be able to build a functional prototype based on a client’s storyboard, which could be demo’d to people outside of the design team (both clients and other internal teams). This project proved to be challenging both due to time constraints and scope. Because there was such a high importance on conveying the functionality correctly, the scope and features changed frequently, while the timeline remained the same.



We collaborated with Meltwater to build a set of static mocks that correctly represented the prototype. This helped us to define the specifics of the prototype and to easily convey changes that were needed.

Rapid development with quick iterations was critical for this project. We worked with the Meltwater team on a daily basis, demonstrating progress and collecting feedback quickly so the deadline could be met.



We killed it! Even with a series of 11th hour changes and enhancements, we were able to provide a prototype that the design team could use to demonstrate the functionality they were looking for. Due to the success of this initial project, Meltwater engaged We Write Code for a long term project to assist their design team in building out a prototyping tool that would be used by their internal developers worldwide.