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Over the past six years, We Write Code has grown in many different ways—from increasing the size of our software development capabilities, to creating new specialized roles for management and delivery of successful projects. We’ve seen high volume growth thanks to the client partnerships that we have formed across the country, and the quality solutions we have delivered over the years. 

Due to our expert capabilities and overall value delivered, we have been asked by many of our clients to help with their internal staffing needs. Although we have most certainly been able to do so, it hasn’t been a core competency for We Write Code… until now!

Why has technology staffing become a focus?

Throughout our history we have helped clients deliver on a wide variety of projects by carefully listening to their needs and delivering right-sized solutions. In many of these engagements, we have found that the team members have been so impactful towards the outcomes that our clients have asked us for further engagements—or to find talented individuals with the knowledge and expertise similar to what our team brought to the table. 

Attracting Talent & Creating Culture

We Write Code has strived to build and cultivate a culture conducive to growth and empowerment. Because of this, we have established a great reputation in the Midwest and have seen a major influx of skilled developers and technical staff looking to work in an environment -like ours- that aligns to their personal and professional needs. 

Our culture is diverse and results-oriented. We strive to be supportive to technologists to grow their skills, and still be a fun place to work without all the corporate red tape. At the end of the day, people want to work with We Write Code because we are good at what we do and understand that people are humans with unique needs.

We Write Code has become the perfect home for technology enthusiasts because it was built by developers, and now we can help you grow your technical teams and foster a similar mindset!

Next Steps

With our ability to assist with your staffing and recruiting needs, the next step for you is simple! Reach out and say hi!