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About your job

As a full-time .Net Developer at We Write Code, you’ll find yourself working on the technical aspects of a project in a modern .Net ecosystem. You will have the freedom to work with a variety of supporting web frameworks, as well as the opportunity to leverage your 3+ years of experience to educate others. Ultimately, your ability to work with a team will be a huge asset for your success with We Write Code.

In holding this position, you will be expected to stick to your commitments and deliver quality solutions on time. You will write amazing code that meets the requirements, test the $%!# out of your changes, and you will commit to source control with a vengeance. You will also join in many celebrations in honor of the team’s accomplishments – as well as your own.

When you make mistakes, you’ll own it, learn from it, and share what you learned with everyone.

About you

Are you tired of working on the same application day in and day out? Are you someone who takes pride in your work? Are you excited to take on projects that help you evolve as a developer? Perfect. 

You are motivated, fun, and ready to collaborate with other talented developers in building awesome applications. You are a natural troubleshooter that is tenacious when it comes to solving problems. You take pride in your work, and strive for continual improvement. You love the idea of joining a flexible company like We Write Code where you can have an active role in helping us shape the future of our company, culture, and team. Bottom line – you want to provide value – not just for our company, but for the companies we work with.

We Write Code is constantly working on a variety of projects that allow you to put your expertise to work, while continuously adding to your developer tool belt. Can you make a case for a new tech stack or framework? Do you see value in trying something new? At We Write Code that is always an option.

These are the most important things for you to bring to the table:

  • 3+ years experience with .Net
  • The ability to tackle complex problems
  • Solid understanding of SQL / Database querying techniques
  • Source control management (i.e. Git)
  • Object-oriented programming concepts

You’ll get extra taco points if you have the following:

  • Have a unique hobby
  • Knowledge of solid CI/CD tools and practices
  • JavaScript frameworks (i.e. Angular, ReactJS, Vue, etc.)
  • Have experience consuming or designing RESTful APIs
  • Mobile application development
  • Cloud hosting background (AWS and Azure specifically)
  • Java, Ruby, Swift, Scala

How it works

Send us an email and tell us about you, what you do, and why you’d be a fit for our team. Additionally, what do you think is the biggest challenge with Angular? Github profiles, Stack Overflow profiles, etc are all good things too. Let’s be honest, we’ll be Googling you before we follow up. PDFs only please!

We’re based in Des Moines, IA and our office is in the East Village. We provide competitive salaries, a wide variety of insurance options, a 401k with match, and an unlimited vacation policy as we believe the key to happiness is a great work-life balance.

If you like what you read above, shoot us an email at jobs@wewritecode.com and we’ll get back to you in a jiffy.

About the Company

At We Write Code, we believe great ideas deserve great software. We design and develop awesome applications – from startup ideas to enterprise systems – working on projects of any type and size. We take the time to get to know our client’s goals and strategic vision so we are able to craft an elegant and custom-built solution that fits their needs.

We’re also a big believer in building a team that likes to balance work with fun. We’re big nerds when it comes to technology, we like to go out for sushi and tacos as often as possible, and we get excited when we’ve got a new band to share with the team. We work hard so we can be proud of what we’re building for our clients, and we want our team to be excited to work in an environment that strives to make that possible.