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Women in Tech: Pt 1


Women in tech isn’t an anomaly, but it’s a sadly linear statistic. As of early 2020, only 26% of computer and mathematical professions are held by women, a number that hasn’t exceeded 27% since 2003 and stayed mostly stagnant for almost 20 years. But women in tech—and in general—are much more than statistics. Instead of … Continued

Accessibility: An Interview With Lauren Back

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Here at We Write Code, we had the honor of speaking with Lauren Back who is located in Seattle, Washington. She is a very interesting and well-rounded individual who works with Microsoft to create more accessible and usable technology for all. As Lauren mentions later in this post, accessibility is something that is constantly changing … Continued

What I Learned About Design Systems at Clarity 2019


I’ll be honest—I expected to come home from this conference and write up a tidy blog post recapping the various speakers with a few bullet points each, maybe posting some neat CSS snippets, my iPad sketch notes, or linking to some resources. This conference ended up being so much more than just the intersection of … Continued

Are you an #a11y?


Inclusive design has been in the forefront of tech design lately, and for good reason. While creating services that take all users and varied needs into consideration, being inclusive not only creates opportunities for a broader reach of satisfied customers, but a better product overall. So how does a developer go about being an #a11y? Are … Continued