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Looking Back


As a developer, looking back on code you wrote 9 months ago is typically a rough thing to do. It’s typically filled with self doubt, loathing, and questions like, “Why did I do this?” or “What was I thinking implementing X this way?” or “Isn’t it obvious this could be refactored into 80% less code … Continued

IT Staffing & Recruiting – What Sets Us Apart


Throughout my career, I’ve often been asked “What makes you different from your competition?” From a hiring leader perspective, there are multiple staffing agencies reaching out to them daily to procure a meeting or business. From a job seeker perspective, they have many agency options to choose from when it comes to representing them for … Continued

Building on Success: Technology Staffing

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Over the past six years, We Write Code has grown in many different ways—from increasing the size of our software development capabilities, to creating new specialized roles for management and delivery of successful projects. We’ve seen high volume growth thanks to the client partnerships that we have formed across the country, and the quality solutions … Continued

Introducing Our New Director of Technology Staffing & Recruiting

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Get to Know We Write Code’s Director of Technology Staffing & Recruiting, Erin Wells! Erin brings years of experience delivering top-notch technical staffing, recruiting, and account management to organizations in need of IT personnel. Name: Erin Wells Role: Director of Technology Staffing & Recruiting Favorite Food: Anything Mexican! Just can’t get enough of it Fun … Continued

On Setting Expectations

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As We Write Code’s project manager, Jason Snyder is responsible for keeping track of a lot of things—one of the most important being expectations. In this article Jason unpacks how setting expectations can easily be one of the biggest determining factors for a client’s satisfaction, a project’s success, and your company’s potential growth. Expectations can … Continued

Optimizing Accounting Workflows using the QuickBooks API


QuickBooks. It’s a household name. As one of the biggest hitters in small-to-midsize business accounting, it’s no question that QuickBooks simplifies accounting processes for businesses.  But what if easy accounting could get even easier? One of our goals at We Write Code is to help your business succeed by utilizing technology to the fullest. For … Continued

Introducing a New Software Developer to Our Team

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Name: Sarah AmannFavorite Food: Chicago deep dish pizza 🙂Role: Software DeveloperWhy I love what I do: I love being creative and building things that come to life and impact people. There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after tackling a new challenge and succeeding!Fun Fact: Besides writing code, I’m a YouTuber and online content creator. … Continued

New Faces: pt III

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Please help us extend a warm welcome to our newest team members! Name: Dave Poskevich Role: Agile Coach Favorite Food: Thai Basil Chicken Why you love what you do: No two people are the same; no two teams are the same. That uniqueness makes for exciting opportunities to help teams work better together. Fun fact: … Continued

Learning to Say No

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As a woman who has worked several customer service positions throughout her life, the saying, “The customer is always right” has been ingrained in my professional brain. There’s a lot of merit in this adage—providing positive experiences for your clientele helps create a positive image for your business while building a loyal customer base. I … Continued

8 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Website

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We were thrilled to launch our brand-new website in July after weeks of planning and hard work. But before we could put this shiny, new eye candy in front of you, we had to accept the hard truth: our website needed an update.  There’s no shame in needing an update—website design, best practices, and UX … Continued