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Contextualizing Information with Data Visualization


The world as we know it largely revolves around data. Observing behavior, trends, correlation, and all kinds of information can offer extremely valuable insight into nearly any industry. But without the concept of data visualization, at best we would be left with all this data in endless rows and columns, difficult for the human eye … Continued

We’re Award-Winning Now


Des Moines, Iowa—We Write Code was honored to take home a shiny gold American Advertising Award in the Online/Interactive Self Promotion category this past February. Curious about our entry? Look no further. You’re already here on our award-winning website. For those not familiar, the American Advertising Awards is a national, three-tiered competition put on by … Continued

Accessibility: An Interview With Lauren Back

We Write Code

Here at We Write Code, we had the honor of speaking with Lauren Back who is located in Seattle, Washington. She is a very interesting and well-rounded individual who works with Microsoft to create more accessible and usable technology for all. As Lauren mentions later in this post, accessibility is something that is constantly changing … Continued

8 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Website

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We were thrilled to launch our brand-new website in July after weeks of planning and hard work. But before we could put this shiny, new eye candy in front of you, we had to accept the hard truth: our website needed an update.  There’s no shame in needing an update—website design, best practices, and UX … Continued

What I Learned About Design Systems at Clarity 2019


I’ll be honest—I expected to come home from this conference and write up a tidy blog post recapping the various speakers with a few bullet points each, maybe posting some neat CSS snippets, my iPad sketch notes, or linking to some resources. This conference ended up being so much more than just the intersection of … Continued

Building We Write Code’s New Website


We launched a new website! If you’re reading this, you (and we) have made it! Over the last six weeks, we have been working on design, content, photography, and development on our new shiny, public site. We landed on using WordPress for its fantastic CMS capabilities, but felt it was important to develop a custom … Continued

Whiteboarding Benefits

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We love cool, eclectic stuff. However, surprisingly the one thing many visitors to the We Write Code office comment on isn’t our AWS DeepRacer (though super cool) or our fish-bowl of Up/Down tokens (yep, also super cool), but the ridiculous number of whiteboards we have. Though maybe something more associated with elementary school classrooms, whiteboards … Continued

5 Signs Your Website is Hurting Your Rep


We’ve all seen the obvious signs of an outdated website — annoying repetitive backgrounds, animated gifs everywhere, loads of text, and going way back to the early days of the internet, the infamous hit counter. But what are some less obvious signs that your website is outdated? 1. Your Website Is Not Responsive. Nowadays, people … Continued

3 Ways to Prototype Your Idea

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Have you ever heard the words “Prototype” or “Wireframe” before and found yourself scratching your head? You’re not the only one. Whether you work for a large company and have some thoughts on how to improve an existing process, or you’ve been working on an idea and have gone through 3 of the 4 things … Continued