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A Retrospective: Angular & React


Two of the hottest frontend technologies to emerge from the last decade are the Angular framework and the ReactJS library. Before going any further, it is important to understand the differences between the concepts of a framework and a library.  A framework enforces the workflow by defining a template that the developer expands on to … Continued

Optimizing Accounting Workflows using the QuickBooks API


QuickBooks. It’s a household name. As one of the biggest hitters in small-to-midsize business accounting, it’s no question that QuickBooks simplifies accounting processes for businesses.  But what if easy accounting could get even easier? One of our goals at We Write Code is to help your business succeed by utilizing technology to the fullest. For … Continued

Making A Change: Mike Clancy’s Journey from Teacher to Developer

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Back in February, We Write Code had the opportunity to host and sponsor Des Moines Web Geeks’ panel, which discussed their personal transitions to professional developers. One of the panel members was We Write Code’s very own Mike Clancy, whose journey from high school history teacher to developer struck a chord with audience members. We … Continued

Finding the Value in Technical Audits: Code Reviews

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Finding errors in your code can be like playing a mind-boggling game of I Spy, only with more consequences. Even the best developer will have a blip here and there, and it’s important that those blips don’t affect your company’s security or code’s integrity. Brad Angelcyk, one of We Write Code’s Software and DevOps Engineers, … Continued

PDF Generation with AWS Lambda and SQS


GM Binder is a tool that allows users to create and manage documents for their favorite Tabletop Role-Playing Games. The core feature in GM Binder is a Markdown editor that allows users to use a very simple syntax to create amazing looking documents. These documents are rendered using basic HTML and CSS in a web … Continued

Everything You Need To Know About Our New Solutions Delivery Manager

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Name: Jason Snyder Role: Solutions Delivery Manager Favorite Food: Sushi Fun Fact: I am the oldest of five, and I have five kids. Proudest Accomplishment: Raising my kids to adulthood. “I love what I do because I love delivering projects. I like getting to know my business partners, taking what they have in their head, … Continued

Introducing Our Newest Solutions Developer

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Name: David MoritzRole: Solutions DeveloperFavorite Food: BaconWhy you love what you do: I enjoy solving problems and have a passion for maximizing efficiency. As I often say, “Leave the mind-numbing, repetitive tasks to the robots. Let humans do the creative work!”Fun Fact: I programmed my first game on a TI-86 graphing calculator in 7th grade … Continued

Introducing a New Software Developer to Our Team

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Name: Sarah AmannFavorite Food: Chicago deep dish pizza 🙂Role: Software DeveloperWhy I love what I do: I love being creative and building things that come to life and impact people. There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishment after tackling a new challenge and succeeding!Fun Fact: Besides writing code, I’m a YouTuber and online content creator. … Continued

Accessibility: An Interview With Lauren Back

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Here at We Write Code, we had the honor of speaking with Lauren Back who is located in Seattle, Washington. She is a very interesting and well-rounded individual who works with Microsoft to create more accessible and usable technology for all. As Lauren mentions later in this post, accessibility is something that is constantly changing … Continued