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We’re Proud To Join The Dwolla Partner Ecosystem

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But what does that mean, exactly? Let’s take a step back… If you haven’t heard of this powerhouse, Dwolla Inc. is a local Des Moines, Iowa financial technology company offering businesses an onramp to the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, the electronic funds-transfer system used by U.S. financial institutions that moves $51 trillion annually. With … Continued

8 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Website

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We were thrilled to launch our brand-new website in July after weeks of planning and hard work. But before we could put this shiny, new eye candy in front of you, we had to accept the hard truth: our website needed an update.  There’s no shame in needing an update—website design, best practices, and UX … Continued

Building We Write Code’s New Website


We launched a new website! If you’re reading this, you (and we) have made it! Over the last six weeks, we have been working on design, content, photography, and development on our new shiny, public site. We landed on using WordPress for its fantastic CMS capabilities, but felt it was important to develop a custom … Continued

5 Mistakes You Can Make In Development

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So you’re either new to development or have been around the block a few times. What are some common mistakes you can make that could be easily avoided with the right approach? Without further ado, here are 5 Mistakes you can make in development and how to avoid making them yourself: Mistake #1: Being driven … Continued

A Developer’s Game: Our Logic On How Gaming Can Help You Be a Better Developer

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It’s no secret that we love games here at We Write Code. (Being located directly above Iowa’s coolest barcade is, most definitely, not a coincidence.) Whether it’s tabletop RPGs, old-school arcade classics, or the newest Indie creation, there’s something about a good game that we just can’t resist. The more we thought about it, the more … Continued

Are you an #a11y?


Inclusive design has been in the forefront of tech design lately, and for good reason. While creating services that take all users and varied needs into consideration, being inclusive not only creates opportunities for a broader reach of satisfied customers, but a better product overall. So how does a developer go about being an #a11y? Are … Continued

New Faces

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Spring always means growth, so in the spirit of the season We Write Code has sprouted some new team members! Name: Renae Meines Role: Product Designer & Front-End Developer Favorite Food: Hardest question ever. Possibly homemade pizza in my cast iron pan, or anything Thai. Why you love what you do: I love creating and I love beautiful … Continued

Why Be Agile?

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Because you can’t predict the future. Being agile is not about “doing agile things.” It’s not a checklist of activities, pair programming, stand-up meetings, or having a scrum board. Being agile is embracing a set of values, and demonstrating those values through your actions. The values of agile development are defined within the Agile Manifesto: Again, notice … Continued

Whiteboarding Benefits

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We love cool, eclectic stuff. However, surprisingly the one thing many visitors to the We Write Code office comment on isn’t our AWS DeepRacer (though super cool) or our fish-bowl of Up/Down tokens (yep, also super cool), but the ridiculous number of whiteboards we have. Though maybe something more associated with elementary school classrooms, whiteboards … Continued

Native Apps vs The Responsive Web

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You are thinking about building an app, and you don’t know whether an actual mobile app or a web app would best suit your needs. What you do know: You want engagement to be easy and the UX to be flawless. Y ou want maintenance and development costs to be affordable. Though in an ideal … Continued