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On Setting Expectations


As We Write Code’s project manager, Jason Snyder is responsible for keeping track of a lot of things—one of the most important being expectations. In this article Jason unpacks how setting expectations can easily be one of the biggest determining factors for a client’s satisfaction, a project’s success, and your company’s potential growth. Expectations can … Continued

Everything You Need To Know About Our New Solutions Delivery Manager

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Name: Jason Snyder Role: Solutions Delivery Manager Favorite Food: Sushi Fun Fact: I am the oldest of five, and I have five kids. Proudest Accomplishment: Raising my kids to adulthood. “I love what I do because I love delivering projects. I like getting to know my business partners, taking what they have in their head, … Continued

Client Study: Enhancing Pitchly With Export to Word Feature


Introducing Pitchly In 2019, We Write Code was approached with the task of building a new feature for Pitchly. Pitchly aggregates disparate information from different tools such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Sharepoint, making information easy to catalog, find and then reintroduce as data-infused Word and PowerPoint documents. Their new requested feature would essentially take the … Continued

Learning to Say No


As a woman who has worked several customer service positions throughout her life, the saying, “The customer is always right” has been ingrained in my professional brain. There’s a lot of merit in this adage—providing positive experiences for your clientele helps create a positive image for your business while building a loyal customer base. I … Continued

A Developer’s Game: Our Logic On How Gaming Can Help You Be a Better Developer

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It’s no secret that we love games here at We Write Code. (Being located directly above Iowa’s coolest barcade is, most definitely, not a coincidence.) Whether it’s tabletop RPGs, old-school arcade classics, or the newest Indie creation, there’s something about a good game that we just can’t resist. The more we thought about it, the more … Continued

Creating an App Users Want

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We get it — creating a new app can be overwhelming. With so many ideas on the table, things can easily start to get complicated and messy. And after writing 5 Mistakes You Can Make in Development, we realized that developers aren’t the only ones who need a little guidance through the process of, well, developing. So … Continued

Project Management: Good For Your Success & Sanity

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Deadlines: they’re something we love to hate. An equally motivating and soul-sucking force. At We Write Code, we’re constantly striving to be the most productive, efficient team possible without sacrificing our happiness to the deadline gods in the process. Project management tools and techniques are the foundation of our success (and oftentimes, sanity), providing a … Continued

One vs. Many: Independent Contractor or Dev Team?

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So you have a brilliant idea. A concept that you’re ready to turn into a reality. And you’re looking for someone who has the skills and know how to turn your napkin scribbles and endless bullet points into an amazing website/app. On an already long list of questions, one of the first things you’ll have … Continued

What is an “MVP”?

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In product development, MVP refers to Minimum Viable Product and was popularized by the book The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. More than a literal definition though, MVP is a way of thinking. It’s a mindset of minimizing risk to chase a more probable reward — a methodology to ensure your resources are spent on the right … Continued

Workin’ 9 to 5, what a way to make a livin’


Workin’ 9 to 5 (by the end of this post Dolly Parton’s song will be stuck in your head) is a really interesting topic when you start digging into its origins. Also referred to as the 8-hour day, or a 40-hour week, Wikipedia indicates it was first started during the Industrial Revolution in Britain by James Deb … Continued