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Meet Brad, Senior Software & DevOps Engineer

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Brad Angelcyk brings his years of experience to We Write Code, performing technical platform audits, large-scale cloud infrastructure, and interactive development. When he steps away from the computer, you’ll find him dry-aging a few steaks. Brad, I believe you hold the honor of having the most years of relevant experience at We Write Code. How … Continued

My First Code Jam


I often envisioned hackathons as high-pressure, weekend-long events involving sleep deprivation with a diet of pizza and Mountain Dew, which is perhaps a big part of the reason I’d never attempted one in my development career thus far. That is, until a few weeks ago when the opportunity came up to join a few coworkers … Continued

IPAs to APIs: a look at WWC employee Elias Scarborough

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If you asked Elias ten years ago where he’d be today, he probably wouldn’t have said working as a developer in the Midwest. But for the last few years Elias has been cranking out code with We Write Code in Des Moines. We sat down with him to reflect on how an outdoorsy brewer from … Continued

Getting Shit Done in 2020


If you were able to have predicted the state of the world in July 2020 twelve months ago, I would say that you have amazing, out of this world foresight and need to leverage your powers for something more special than this blog post. Seriously. Do the world some good. We need it. For We … Continued

Making A Change: Mike Clancy’s Journey from Teacher to Developer

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Back in February, We Write Code had the opportunity to host and sponsor Des Moines Web Geeks’ panel, which discussed their personal transitions to professional developers. One of the panel members was We Write Code’s very own Mike Clancy, whose journey from high school history teacher to developer struck a chord with audience members. We … Continued

Finding the Value in Technical Audits: Code Reviews

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Finding errors in your code can be like playing a mind-boggling game of I Spy, only with more consequences. Even the best developer will have a blip here and there, and it’s important that those blips don’t affect your company’s security or code’s integrity. Brad Angelcyk, one of We Write Code’s Software and DevOps Engineers, … Continued

Say Hello To Our Newest Software Engineer

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Name: Dave Rhinehart Favorite Food: Tacos Al Pastor Role: Software Engineer Fun Fact: I am the founder of a Destiny 2 clan that has almost 100 members. An Accomplishment I’m proud of: I have been working with Ruby on Rails for the past 10 years. The first Ruby on Rails project I worked on was … Continued