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Name: Jason Snyder

Role: Solutions Delivery Manager

Favorite Food: Sushi

Fun Fact: I am the oldest of five, and I have five kids.

Proudest Accomplishment: Raising my kids to adulthood.

“I love what I do because I love delivering projects. I like getting to know my business partners, taking what they have in their head, and giving it life. It’s the best.”

Jason is a skilled Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Scrum Master. He is from Chillicothe, Ohio and has one dog, Kylie, and two cats, Odin and Korben. In his spare time he writes fiction and is currently working on two novels.

Jason’s Explains His Journey to We Write Code:

I actually got my start in IT back in 1999, working for a dial-up internet company. It was my first IT gig, and it was great to be in the industry. I was fortunate that that company was willing to pay for some education, so I was able to get my A+, Network +, and my CCNA through them.

After that, I moved on to Nationwide Insurance, where I started out working at the help desk. I was promoted quickly, and ended up being on their first Continuous Improvement team. I had to learn to write business cases, use cases, requirements, negotiate with stakeholders, and navigate the corporate waters on a myriad of levels. Again, I was lucky to be part of an organization willing to invest in me, and I was able to get my Associate Project Manager certification from George Washington University.

In 2008, I said “goodbye” to Nationwide and moved to Des Moines to be with my wife. Unfortunately with the economic downturn at the time, I went back to helpdesk work to put food on the table. As the economy picked up, I was able to again move my career forward. I took gigs as an IT Security Administrator, Systems Administrator, Data Analyst, and Business Analyst.

In 2012, I knew that I had to pick a role to stay in. Technology was changing too quickly for me to keep up on my skills across so many roles.  Eventually, I landed on being a Business Analyst/Project Manager because I really felt at home running meetings, managing backlogs, and helping the team out in that capacity.

I had my first foray into Agile at a local financial company in 2014, and immediately fell in love with the idea of being part of a dedicated team. I was amazed with how quickly we were able to deliver functional software, and provide value to the customer/business partners. I took my skills to the next level by becoming a Certified Product Owner, and began to take on gigs with several local companies serving as a Business Analyst, but also filling the roll of Scrum Master when it was needed.

At We Write Code, I look forward to continuing to serve in the capacities of BA/PM/Scrum Master, and help the organization mature it’s project processes.

“I was attracted to working at We Write Code because I really believe in what the company is trying to do in the Des Moines area. I’ve wanted to be a part of this organization for the last 18 months.”

– Jason Snyder

We are excited to welcome Jason to the team!