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In this two-part series, we explore the value of building partnerships across your organization by discussing the diverse relationships we build, grow, and maintain at We Write Code.

Partnerships are relationships

Let’s distinguish between partnerships and relationships before we move on to other contexts. While we often use them interchangeably, a partnership is a special kind of relationship which implies mutual interest and effort. A partnership is defined as “the state or condition of being a partner; participation; association; joint interest.” As we dug deeper into the meaning of partnership, we found that there are not only many different types of partnerships, but also different contexts for partnerships.

Let’s begin by exploring We Write Code’s client partnerships.

Client Partnerships

Client partnerships are at the core of how we operate as a business, however, it’s not always clear what a partnership with We Write Code looks like. At first glance, most assume that we simply provide a single service for our clients – software development. In reality, our partnerships are so much more.

We feel it is important to get a full understanding of our clients’ business. This may start primarily from a technical perspective, however, we strive to get a much broader view of our client’s inner workings and goals so that we can better understand the decisions that are being made and the value that they are looking to gain. This gives us an unique perspective into how we can leverage technology to best serve our client’s needs. For some of our clients with a smaller technical footprint, this gets often positioned as a “fractional CTO” type role, and may include determining a true ROI on particular initiatives, or may take a customer discovery approach to get feedback from their customers.

By striving to build partnerships with our clients to this level, we often find ourselves exploring unexpected scenarios than were initially laid out. Maybe the right answer isn’t using a custom software development company to build a platform. Maybe the actual answer is leveraging existing internal development staff with the assistance of our amazing project management resources. Or maybe we help our clients with staffing and hire internal people. Or maybe it’s a blend – kick off the initiative with a team from We Write Code, and then transition into existing or sourced resources internally.

Ultimately, it’s critical for how we operate that we form a trust based partnership with all of our clients. Software development is not easy. It often involves very tough decisions that have significant business implications, and we strive to be able to help our clients take that journey.

Strategic Agency Partnerships

We form strategic partnerships with other software, marketing, and creative agencies for several reasons:

  • to broaden our collective service offerings
  • to enable our partners to take on project opportunities outside their expertise
  • to provide additional resources during times of peak demand

For instance, an agency without an internal dev team may be approached by clients who are looking to build a website or application. On the other hand, an agency that has a dev team may not have the immediate capacity to take on additional projects with faster turnaround times and shorter notices.

As an agency partner, we use our expertise and experience in software development and technical staffing to cover these situations. Oftentimes, We Write Code plays the role of the silent partner, giving agencies the opportunity to shine in the limelight with their clients.

Next Steps

So far, we’ve introduced the idea of partnerships and explored a few in our business-to-business world, but we’ve barely scratched the surface. Join us for part two, where we discuss building partnerships in other contexts, such as within the We Write Code organization and in our local communities around Des Moines.

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