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Name: David Moritz
Role: Solutions Developer
Favorite Food: Bacon
Why you love what you do: I enjoy solving problems and have a passion for maximizing efficiency. As I often say, “Leave the mind-numbing, repetitive tasks to the robots. Let humans do the creative work!”
Fun Fact: I programmed my first game on a TI-86 graphing calculator in 7th grade back in 1998. It was a horse-race betting game and fellow students actually placed real bets with lunch money!

David is from Shawnee, Kansas. He doesn’t have any pets, although he does have two children. One is a boy who is 3 years old, and the other is a girl who is 3 months old. In his free time, David likes to discuss movies. He also likes to play board games that tend to be heavy strategy and fairly complex – his favorite being chess! His proudest accomplishment was in 6th grade, taking his middle-school softball team, who was ranked last in the league of the previous season, to win the championship! Our motto: “There’s no reason why we shouldn’t win. Let’s just win!”

David has a talent for improvisational comedy. In high school and college he competed and also taught a few classes to the “aspiring young folk”. He even organized a profitable improv comedy fund-raiser! With a few principals and tricks, he says he can help an amateur look fully competent on stage.

We are thankful for our continuous growth!