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Throughout my career, I’ve often been asked “What makes you different from your competition?” From a hiring leader perspective, there are multiple staffing agencies reaching out to them daily to procure a meeting or business. From a job seeker perspective, they have many agency options to choose from when it comes to representing them for a role. It’s been 3 months since I’ve joined We Write Code and would love to share what sets us apart from traditional staffing agencies. 

The Hiring Leader Appeal

We Write Code has a multi-year track record of successfully delivering solutions to a variety of clients. In many cases, our team members have been so impactful towards the outcomes that clients have asked us to find individuals with similar knowledge and expertise to add to their own team. From a recruiting standpoint, not only do our team members have years of IT recruiting experience, but our staff of diverse developers have a variety of backgrounds and deep IT networks of their own that we can leverage. Our team may be smaller in size compared to other agencies, but you can expect an excellent experience from start to finish. 

The Job Seeker Appeal

During my first week, I was very surprised with how many talented professionals actually reached out wanting to work for We Write Code and selling their skills and experience. For years I’ve worked to seek out candidates for roles – and now they just roll in?! I connected with a few developer colleagues of mine to ask why they love working for We Write Code compared to other companies in their career. The feedback ties back to one common theme – Culture. Individuals at We Write Code love the camaraderie of a smaller team, the honesty and transparency from leadership and other team members, the ability to grow their skill sets faster, being able to work on a variety of projects, opportunities to make a direct impact on applications being built and much more.

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