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Get to Know We Write Code’s Director of User Experience, Mike Kang! Mike brings a wide range of skills and experiences to We Write Code, specializing in user experience and front-end web development. He’s passionate about moving fast and breaking things.

Name: Mike Kang

Role: Director of User Experience

Favorite Food: Hainanese Chicken Rice (Singapore)

Fun Fact: I was the top-ranked professional player in the Iowa Smash Melee Community back in the day (handle: Jazz)

Proudest Accomplishment: Learning how to set long-term goals, break them down into smaller tasks, and accomplish them efficiently. This has been absolutely transformative in every aspect of my life.

How did you get started down the UI/UX path?

I have a lot of formal education in art and design, but I’ve been learning UI-related skills ever since I was young, crafting GIF-laden GeoCities pages in the 90s and custom maps with JASS scripts for Starcraft and Warcraft III since the original Eul DOTA era.

I think I ‘officially’ started learning about UX when I started studying Psychology at university. Psychology supports and informs my entire understanding of UX, Marketing, Art, and Design.

What made you decide to join We Write Code?

The company leaders write code! For me, that carries a totally different and relatable perspective, on top of We Write Code being a cool startup company with a lot of autonomy.

How do you see your past experiences at other marketing agencies and larger organizations helping you in your new position at We Write Code?

Along with hard tech skills, I’ve picked up a few things along the way about designing at-scale with design systems, user-centered design thinking, and project prioritization. I’m excited to use these experiences and skills at We Write Code to take the lead on design and marketing initiatives.

What drives you and what does success look like when it comes to design?

Successful design makes the world a better place, a more enjoyable, accessible, equitable place. That’s always been my goal and driving force to get better and do better.

What hobbies and activities do you do outside of work?

You’ll almost always catch me working on projects, such as web apps and games, comics, and home improvement/DIY. The image with the graphic fish (above) is from a game prototype I designed and built in React. The image of the “cloffice” (closet + office) shows where I’ve been working remotely for over a year—I’d built out the space just prior to the pandemic and it’s honestly one of my favorite places in my house.