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Name: Conner Shannon

Role: Software Developer

Favorite Food: Thai Food

Fun Fact: I’m partially colorblind

Why you love what you do: Solving challenging problems is rewarding

Strength: Skilled in mobile development

Conner is an Oskaloosa, Iowa native who moved to Ankeny, Iowa earlier this year after him and his wife had their first child. Conner fits right in here at We Write Code, (we’re dog people), as he has an 8 year old Chihuahua named Jasper! When he isn’t working or taking care of his child, he likes to exercise, play video games or just code on side projects.

What brought Conner to We Write Code:

“After seeing the job listing, I checked out the company website. My impression was that the environment was a laid-back, friendly place to work where I could learn a lot. This was solidified after meeting a Partner, Levi. He reassured me that they realize not everyone will know everything, and they will mentor me in areas I need help.

It has been a very welcoming experience, especially compared to other companies and interview processes.”

– Conner Shannon

Join us in welcoming Conner!
We are looking forward to fostering continuous growth here at We Write Code.