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Spring always means growth, so in the spirit of the season We Write Code has sprouted some new team members!

Name: Renae Meines

Role: Product Designer & Front-End Developer

Favorite Food: Hardest question ever. Possibly homemade pizza in my cast iron pan, or anything Thai.

Why you love what you do: I love creating and I love beautiful things. The more complicated the challenge, the more fun I have designing a solution!

Fun Fact: A kid I trained how to make pizzas won an episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, and I’m not saying I deserve some credit but…

Name: Bhimesh Chauhan

Role: Full-Stack Software Developer

Favorite Food: Middle Eastern Cuisine

Why you love what you do: I can engineer anything I can imagine, ain’t that a super power?

Fun fact: I have had 5 different type of pets and I can draw sketches from memory.

Be sure to give them a warm hello and look forward to all the amazing things they’ll create as members of our team.