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Name: Dave Rhinehart

Favorite Food: Tacos Al Pastor

Role: Software Engineer

Fun Fact: I am the founder of a Destiny 2 clan that has almost 100 members.

An Accomplishment I’m proud of: I have been working with Ruby on Rails for the past 10 years. The first Ruby on Rails project I worked on was in 2008, Ruby version was 1.8 and Rails was 2.2. It was a classifieds app for Planet Discover, more of a proof of concept that we would build projects with Ruby on Rails quickly. There was no rubygems.org back then; I remember having to find gems on SourceForge or RubyForge. Pretty much everything I worked on after that has been in Ruby on Rails, a variety of services for media websites—things like classifieds, obituaries, weather, sports scores, used cars.

Another cool thing was back in 2015, I built the demo for HowFactory in a couple weeks for Disrupt in NYC.

What brought you to WWC: I worked with [founder] Levi and WWC early on and really enjoyed working with the talented team. When the opportunity to join came up, I jumped at the chance.