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Navigating your move to the cloud can be a daunting prospect, but we can guide you along the way—selecting the appropriate services to support your application needs not only today, but as your needs continue to grow.

The complexity of migrating existing applications varies, depending on the architecture and existing licensing arrangements. We Write Code is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner, so you can rest easy with your application in our hands. A few migration scenarios are outlined below, beginning with the most simple.


In a large legacy migration scenario, your organization is looking to scale its platform quickly. We can help you migrate the application, data, and traffic to Amazon Web Services (AWS) whilst simultaneously preparing your application for easier optimization and re-architecting.


During the migration process, it might make sense to visit a few cloud (or other) optimizations in order to achieve new benefits. You aren’t changing the core application, but you may be looking to reduce hosting costs or cut down the amount of manual time you spend wrangling databases.


The most complex migration scenario is borne of necessity to reimagine how the application is architected and developed—typically using cloud-native features. The need to refactor becomes apparent when your application’s existing environment creates difficulties in adding new features, scaling, and performance.

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As an APN Select Consulting Partner, We Write Code works together with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help clients migrate, secure, and develop their AWS Cloud solutions.

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