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You might have a slight fever. Or your throat has been feeling a little tickle. But is it worth it to go out and see a doctor? Especially right now? 

During the COVID-19 crisis, things that we may have otherwise brushed off are now potentially cause for worry, but seeing a doctor is a worry itself. Now more than ever there’s value in getting the advice of a medical professional online. We Write Code has been fortunate enough to work with the telehealth company Certintell, which we hope may bring you some relief and peace of mind during an otherwise frustrating and anxious time.

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a method of using telecommunication to provide health care and education to a larger audience who might not have the means, ability, or desire to visit a healthcare facility. Telehealth most traditionally is seen as a way to provide a diagnosis and monitor a patient’s condition, but now encompasses a wide range of services from diagnosis and management, counseling, physical therapy, education, and more.

Certintell specializes in empowering safety-net providers with Care Management services supported by remote health coaches. These services are provided to Medicare beneficiaries in order to reduce readmissions and improve health outcomes for at-risk patients. At its core, Certintell was founded as a telehealth company and provides this as a platform to provide specialized Care Management services. Community Health Centers across the nation regularly start with the telehealth portal for physicians to care for patients remotely and as they get comfortable with the system, specialty Care Management services are added to support at-risk patients with chronic conditions and behavioral health issues.

With COVID-19 in mind

If you or someone you love are worried about being infected with the Coronavirus, please utilize telehealth services to evaluate your symptoms. A pre-screening through a telehealth service supported by your medical provider will help determine whether additional testing is needed. If further care is required, your telehealth professional will encourage you to seek further medical attention at your regular healthcare provider’s facility. By utilizing telehealth services, patients are reducing their risk of unnecessarily exposing themselves or others to any illness.

See Certintell’s updated policies and procedures to better serve patients during this time.

Uncertain about your symptoms matching those of COVID-19, or want to do more research before consulting a medical professional? Visit the CDC’s website to learn more about COVID-19 symptoms, protection methods, and more. 

We are grateful at We Write Code to have the opportunity to support a service that is doing amazing things for the general public at all times, but especially during times of crisis when their services are most needed. Just because we’re staying at home doesn’t mean we have to be alone! With access to resources like Certintell, we have the ability to better protect ourselves, our families, and our community.