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Antibiotics Tracking and Reporting Application


We partnered with a national Agriculture sustainability firm to create data collection and reporting tools. Our solution ensured heightened information security, standardized data collection, higher task efficiency, and informed business decisions.


  • Reporting
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Management

Tech Specs

  • Angular
  • PDF Generation


A national Agriculture sustainability partner came to We Write Code looking to revolutionize their data collection and reporting tools. This client, like many others in the agriculture industry, wanted their technology platform to centralize their valuable data while providing valuable insights into the next steps for their business. We met and exceeded their expectations by creating a tool that is also easy to work with and more secure than their previous methods.


When our client came to us, they were working with a different software development company that wasn’t delivering on their promises, something we take seriously at We Write Code. When we initially met to discuss their needs, they explained the issues they faced with not having data collection standardization, a central data hub, and reporting capabilities. They also faced the obstacle of an internal lack of technology expertise, but possessing an extensive knowledge of the agriculture industry. After explaining our process they made the decision to work with us.


Discovery - To fit the needs of the client and their budget, we collaborated with key stakeholders and users in a discovery phase to assess their top priorities and show them the possibilities accessible to their users. We took time to understand the needs and wants of their users.

Dashboards - The final product of the discovery and development phases boasted a central location for sustainability and antibiotic tracking data to be entered, viewed and reported. This data is then linked to a dashboard that gives users the knowledge they need in easily digestible chunks and generates reports to share data with internal and external partners.

image sequence of UIs from sketches to final designs

image sequence of UIs from sketches to final designs

Data Analytics and Reporting - Another crucial asset of this solution is the data collection capabilities. Users can now input their data with validations and restrictions, producing cleaner and more thorough outputs that generate higher accuracy reports.

image sequence of UIs from sketches to final designs

Data Sensitivity and Security - Finally, we built in a permission based hierarchy with roles and access restrictions to segment information within the application, keeping sensitive information available to specific, predetermined user groups.


The benefits of this new system have been crucial to the sustainability practices of this client. They include:

  • Heightened information security
  • Data collection standardization
  • Higher task efficiency
  • Reports that are easily created, exported, or shared
  • A central dashboard system
  • Ability to draw insights to inform future business decisions
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We Write Code’s dedication to the agriculture sector is truly commendable. Their long-term partnership approach, coupled with cutting-edge technology, has not only improved our efficiency but has also aligned perfectly with our sustainability goals.

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