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2021 – What a year!

This is usually this time of year when leaders in organizations sit down to reflect on the accomplishments of their team over the course of the last 12 months or so. It’s an exercise that I’ve done in years past, and will most likely do in the years to come. But 2021 is going to be one for the record books for the We Write Code team.

The early days of 2021 saw us carrying on from our best year as a company, but one of our most challenging years as a society. The “Going back to the office” can continued to get kicked down the road a little further every month. We worked hard at spinning up a new vertical for technical recruiting and staffing across the country. And as the year progressed, not only did we find ourselves growing our team by nearly 50%, but we also landed not one, but two record-breaking clients for our portfolio.

Now, let’s check that positivity a bit with some reality. We also saw an increase in employees leaving for new opportunities in 2021. This one is tough for me personally. I hate seeing people go. I consider every person who is a part of the We Write Code team a friend, and seeing a friend leave our team is tough. However, these changes are such a positive thing! It means that We Write Code has grown into an organization that is creating amazing developers! This has never really been a question in my mind, but now there’s proof! We have grown into an organization that gives people the ability to contribute to, learn from, impact, and ultimately grow within. Sure, it sucks to see people go, but man… every single person who has moved on, has left a positive mark on our team.

All of these great things in 2021 clearly have me thinking about next year, and the following years, and what they are going to bring our way. I already know that we will continue to add amazing people to our team. I know this because we have a ridiculous number of open positions right now. I know we will continue to pursue bigger and more challenging projects. I know we will continue to form new partnerships across the country.

We’re still over a month away, and I’m already jazzed for what 2022 is going to bring us at We Write Code. Who knows… maybe we’ll have a big announcement or two in 2022. 😉

On that thought… This will be the last blog post from our team for the next few months or so. We’re so busy with work, that it has been hard to dedicate time to writing quality content, therefore, we’re going to keep our focus where we’re best suited.

Thank you so much for your readership over the last few years. It’s been great!

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